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Confirm Close. Jewelry Vintage Early Plastics Celluloid. Melodies Memories.

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The golden age of doll making occurred between and of unglazed porcelain or bisque. The porcelain dolls made in France and Germany during the golden age many be the best of the doll world, but dolls have been made of almost every imaginable material including Celluloid. Celluloid Dolls For Sale.

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Collectors understand the fascination of toys better than anybody. Why because there is a kind of bond between toy collectors and the shared memories of childhood. Some toy collectors arrange their toys on a shelve and never play with them. The reason for this concern over handling is the importance collectors attach to condition.

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Among all the plastics used in vintage jewelry, celluloid usually claims pride of place in the category of intricate detailing — and in particular, the pieces produced during the first half of the 20 th century in Japan. Why and how did this come to be so? The actual process for creating celluloid provides part of the answer.

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Some links from this site lead to third parties who pay us a commission if you buy something. This allows us to keep providing the information on this site free of charge! During the 19th century many scientists were experimenting with synthetic plastics in order to replace the expensive natural plastics such as horn, ivory, and tortoiseshell.

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We know, however, that floral motif celluloid bracelets such as the ones pictured can generally be attributed to the ss or so and thus exploding bracelets are probably no threat. Cellulose acetate, however, can still discolor, singe, melt and become misshapen so hot pin tests are not recommended. Look for Seams.

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The very word Celluloid is marked by the characteristics of an earlier period when ladies secured their hair in place with decorative combs and gentlemen strugled with the discomfort of stiff Collars. The story of Celluloid in fashion begins with waterproof collars and cuffs when it was introduced as an alternative to linen. Celluloid was a material that often pretended to be something it was not.

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