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The parasite attached itself to the glamour model's breast while she struggled to win a Celebrity Chest with Joe Swash. She said later: 'I couldn't be bothered to do it because the treats that we get are minimal. The leech didn't appear to do any last damage to her own treasure chest.

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The plastic surgeon's skills and expertise are almost unmatched, but '80s music video star and sex symbol Tawny Kitaen was still shocked when he decided to use medicinal leeches on her nipples in Thursday's midseason finale of Botched. After undergoing six previous augmentations, the actress was ready to be done with boob implants forever. Dubrow was more than willing to give Tawny her natural breasts back, but it took a little work—and that's where the bloodsuckers came in!

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Dating back more than 5, years ago to ancient Egypt, leech therapy has been used the world over to cure ailments ranging from headaches to fevers to flatulence. The correct term for using leeches in a medicinal fashion is hirudotherapy, and it literally can — believe it or not - perform medical miracles. Using leeches in surgery began in the s. It also acts as an antiseptic, and can help to promote a feeling of numbness and relieve pain.

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This forum is a safe, judgement-free place to discuss Alternative medicine. Posted on: May 28, AM. May 28, AM suzieq60 wrote:.

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Since the time of ancient Egypt, leeches have been used in medicine to treat nervous system abnormalities, dental problems, skin diseases, and infections. This is because leeches secrete peptides and proteins that work to prevent blood clots. These secretions are also known as anticoagulants.

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The E! Tawny Kitaen, the 80s vixen who appeared in rock band Whitesnake's music videos, became the latest patient to seek the Botched team's help in fixing her awful boob job. Her scarred breasts came as a shock to Drs Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, who said they'd have to take drastic action to fix the six previous surgeries that left Tawny with wonky boobs.

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Hematophagous animals including leeches have been known to possess biologically active compounds in their secretions, especially in their saliva. The blood-sucking annelids, leeches have been used for therapeutic purposes since the beginning of civilization. Ancient Egyptian, Indian, Greek and Arab physicians used leeches for a wide range of diseases starting from the conventional use for bleeding to systemic ailments, such as skin diseases, nervous system abnormalities, urinary and reproductive system problems, inflammation, and dental problems.

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In the 20th century, however, most doctors turned away from the worms, which in nature feed on everything from frogs to alligators. A few physicians, however, saw that leeches might play a special role in certain kinds of surgery, by helping promote blood flow to damaged tissue. As a result, once bitten, victims can bleed for hours, allowing oxygenated blood to enter the wound area until veins re-grow and regain circulation.


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