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Were you wondering exactly how those ten-foot-tall blue aliens did it? Me too. And we're going to find out— when the DVD is released.

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The Na'vi hair plug sex scene wasn't the only questionable scene removed from James Cameron's Avatar. Find out what Quaritch meant by "real legs," which supporting characters were supposed to be in love, and why Sigourney was so pissed. Fox recently released the entire Avatar scriptwhich has helped us answer a lot of questions, like what do the Na'vi eat.

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James Cameron's megahit Avatar never explains how the Na'vi people go about getting it on. But apparently, the DVD will give a full run-down on the topic The two share deep meaningful yellow-eyed stares and then one long kiss, and in hindsight it's slightly weird that another alien species would actually "kiss" each other — an extremely Earthling thing to do — but whatever.

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James Cameron has revealed that he re-inserted the Na'vi sex scene for this month's re-release of his sci-fi blockbuster Avatar. Speaking to MTVCameron described the lovemaking scene between Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana as "alien foreplay", noting that it lasts "all of about 20 seconds". Cameron said: "It's been restored, every last frame of it. I would say, just so that we correctly manage people's expectations, it does not change our rating at all.

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James Cameron's Avatar is already the highest grossing film in historyand the Aug. However, the question that immediately leaps to my mind is just how angry should people who bought the DVD and Blu-ray be over this little tactic to get people into the theater again? Avatar was released on Dec.

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So that will be something for the special edition DVD, if you want to see how they have sex. Writer-director James Cameron acknowledged in his Playboy interview that he insisted his Pandora-dwelling Na'vi females "have tits," even though "that makes no sense because her race, the Na'vi, aren't placental mammals. Yes, I was wondering about that.

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In the U. Who knows? You can read the deleted section of the scene after the jump.

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The Na'vi are monogamous creatures who mate for life. The mechanics of reproduction are similar to that of humans and other Terran mammals. However, their unique physiology provides the Na'vi with a level of intimacy unknown on Earth.

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Let's get it on, Avatar style. Sex, blood, violence are all pretty surefire ways to ensure an "R" rating. But what if the sex we're talking about isn't really sex at all?

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