Amateur radio calls look up

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Enter the drive letter where the CD resides. If you have copied the data to your hard drive, just enter C or the appropriate letter designating your hard drive. Don't type any other characters such as a colon or backslash.

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The database is available online already so it just needs to be added to your catalogue. It is searchable via a number of sites including the one below but the actual authority is IC. VE1RF - March 29,

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Search the exhaustive QRZ. COM call sign database from your mobile device. Instant access to more than 1.

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In the world of radio communications, you might often hear talk of the call sign. But what exactly is a call sign and what does it mean to have one? A call sign in amateur radio is a series of numbers and letters used to identify operators and stations.

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The DX cluster feed includes automatic and manual refresh options and the ability to filter so that only bands of interest are shown. Tap on cluster entries to be taken directly to the QRZ. Get a heads-up on current propagation conditions directly from your Windows Phone handset.

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Amateur radio call signs are allocated to amateur radio operators around the world. The call signs are used to legally identify the station or operator, with some countries requiring the station call sign to always be used and others allowing the operator call sign instead. The International Telecommunication Union ITU allocates call sign prefixes for radio and television stations of all types.

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From a knowledge of these ham radio call signs it is possible to learn something about the licencee - the type of amateur radio or ham radio licence held and also when it was issued. As the types of ham radio licence available have changed over the years, and different call sign series were issued for each one, it may be difficult to identify what the callsigns mean without a table and explanation. Within the UK, there are three types of amateur radio licence that can be obtained, namely the Foundation Licence, Intermediate Licence and the Full Licence.

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Novices are only eligible for Group D Vanity call signs. See call sign groups. You can apply for a call sign with any radio district numeral, 0 zero through 9.

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You don't get to choose the call sign. Once you have been assigned a call sign you can trade it in for a specific 1-by-3 format call sign meaning one letter, either K, N or W, one numeral - zero through nine and three suffix letters of your choosing under the new Vanity Call Sign System. A few "N" calls are available.

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You can use this lookup to search RadioQTH's database of call signs. The data is a day or two behind the FCC's data so some calls might have been assigned and yet still show as inactive or not show up here at all. For the latest up-to-date information you can search the FCC's live data by clicking here. For the RadioQTH lookup below, once the results come back you can click on the call sign and get a detailed listing of the call holder's license data.


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