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Peeing is one of those bodily functions you tend to take for granted—you sit, you peeyou wipe, you go. That is, until the pee just refuses to come. Take those pesky but important!

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The urinary tract is one of the systems that our bodies use to get rid of waste products. The kidneys are the part of the urinary tract that makes urine pee. Urine has salts, toxins, and water that need to be filtered out of the blood.

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Lately there has been a whole lot of talk about golden showers. For most people, showers are something that come in April and fall from the clouds in the sky, not something you go to Russian hotel rooms to find. That is as it should be.

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Peeing after sex may help prevent urinary tract infections UTIs. UTIs occur when bacteria enter the urinary tract, usually through your urethra, and travels to your bladder. If you have a vagina, your urethra — the opening where urine is released — is close to your vaginal opening. Peeing after sex can help flush bacteria that was introduced during intercourse away from your urethra.

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Urine colour U Col is simple to measure, differs between low-volume and high-volume drinkers, and is responsive to changes in daily total fluid intake TFI. However, to date, no study has quantified the relationship between a change in TFI and the resultant change in U Col. This analysis aimed to determine the change in TFI needed to adjust h U Col by 2 shades on an 8-colour scale, and to evaluate whether starting U Col altered the relationship between the change in TFI and change in U Col.

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Now, I know that sounds a bit weird, but hear me out. They show a range of 8 hues gradually transitioning from off-white, through various shades of yellow, to finish on a nasty greenish looking brown. These charts can be found in nearly all bathrooms in elite sports facilities.

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Understanding your urine colour is a good way to know whether or not you are dehydrated. What goes in must come out, and what comes out can tell us a lot about our health, specifically the yellow shade of your urine! Many urine colours look similar, but the slight differences between them are important to notice.

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However, its taboo nature did make it a popular choice for clients who came to see me as a dominatrix. But golden showers really are the tip of the yellow iceberg, so I took to the internet to find out what parts of watersports ur-ine to, and why. Halfway through shagging my girlfriend while we were both drunk, she suddenly just started pissing herself and I could feel the warm water on my dick. My Mistress will then play with me, and throughout our sessions I have to hold it in and not be allowed to go to the toilet.

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It's nice to share your bed with your guy. But it's not as nice to share your bathroom. When it comes to peeing in front of your significant other, I give the whole debate a big "hell no.

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The quirk behind the burning need to pee when we hear rainstorms, waterfalls and babbling brooks seems to be all tied up in the power of suggestion. Most of you are familiar with the name Pavlov, and know that he had something to do with dogs. That something is an experiment where the Russian doctor showed that autonomic responses visceral reflexes that occur automatically and unconsciously under the control of the autonomic nervous system could be triggered by outside stimuli.


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